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Photographers & Painters

I’ve been lucky enough to be photographed by incredible photographers including Rankin, Steve McCurry, Greg Williams, Don McUllin, Benji Reid, Franklyn Rodgers, David Gennard, Aida Muluneh and Madeleine Waller. Madeleine’s photograph hangs in The National Portrait Gallery. There is a painting here too by Rebecca Foster. Graffiti Artist Akse P_19 has a piece here too. And there’s some opportunistic iphone work on my part. If you use any of these images acknowledge the photographer. If you are a newspaper or publication contact them for permission.

Photo by Rankin 08

A_LS0230Greg Williams 2016

_Z5A5878Benji Reid in Manchester 2015

Beni ReidBenji Reid 2015

13227063_264002790619114_6329193635216486525_nLemn Sissay 2016

IMG_8446David Gennard University of Manchester 2015

David Gennard University of Manchester 2015

13226977_263860057300054_3120444261043763184_nLemn Sissay 2016

Credit Steve McCurry Steve McCurry 2015

steve-mccurrySteve McCurry 2015

IMG_6820 Aida Muluneh 2013

Aida Muluneh Aida Muluneh 2013

Aida Muluneh backstage at Ethiopia National TheatreAida Muluneh 2014

Aida Muluneh British Council 4Aida Muluneh 2014

11794573_1099323486762930_742546470954603890_o Rebecca Foster 2015

unnamedAkse P_19 2015

David Gennard/University of Manchester 2015

IMG_6519Aida Muluneh 2014

Credit- Madeleine Waller 2008 Photo in National Portrait Gallery (1)Madeleine Waller 2006

lemn sissay bandwJames Ross 2010



LemnSissay-34B-e1320503660505Dominique Brewster 2010

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