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It was a short complete residency earlier this year and as good as a residency gets.  It surrounded the making of one poem thoroughly researched with the people of Thanet.  Originally I wanted to call the poem <strong>The Trace Sea</strong> because in one way it’s about artist Tracey Emin who spent her childhood in Thanet.

The poem was finally titled  For Work For Love. It was projected on the building at the launch of Turner Elements. It’s the first exhibition of Turner at Turner Contemporary and the first time there were projects on the outside of the building.

A reference to the penny on the pendulum is from a story told to me  by the son of the town’s watchmaker of how his father who  looked after The Margate Clock Tower.  He would set a penny on the pendulum in summer to set it right against the heat which would stretch the pendulum and time itself. Time really was money.

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