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The Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner takes place on Christmas Day. it is for care leavers between the ages of 18 and 25.  The organisers do not have to be there on Christmas Day. They meet between September  and December.  The complete knowledge on how to put it together is available via the how to guide on my blog. .  It has taken place in Manchester 2013 and Manchester and London in 2014.  Manchester London and leeds 2015 and Manchester Leeds London Liverpool and Oxford in 2016.   Between 10 & 20 professional creatives and care workers in each area come together to meet in their personal time to create it. This is 2013.

The Christmas Dinner is not a charity or a Social Enterprise, nor an organisation. Each group acheives the following 1. presents 2. chef and food 3. presents 4. transport 5. volunteers 6. presents 7. Venue. The primary aim is that the community takes responsibility for The Care Leaver on Christmas Day. This video is 2014

This project warms my heart and to be honest it is the favourite thing I’ve ever done. Here is the video for 2015.

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