The bears.

I am deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. I am not  only surrounded by spectacularly angular mountains but I am staying half way up  one of them. I am in what the pioneers have called Tunnel   Mountain, and what the Aborigine   peoples have always know as  Sleeping  Buffalo.Tomorrow I shall climb to its peak.  I shall. I shall climb to its peak and look out from the top of the world. And I shall shout  at the clouds   and the sky and the galaxies and I shall scream out to the milky way and the   comets and the atmosphere and the planets that circle the earth.And no doubt I'll trip unpoetically and unceremoniously over a baby elk  "nyaaagh" and the only sound in this peaceful place will be  an   elongated echoey   "ooooooooaaaagghhhhuuuu" interupted occassionally with   a Homer-esque  "Doh" and  "Ouch". These sounds will carry on  echoing by the tranquil mountain  until I land in the silence of   the valley. Why so silent? Why no wildlife?The bears! Sheeyat, the bears.

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