Professor of English At Virginia Tech.

Watching TV the previous week I saw    Lucinda Roy   now Professor of English at the same university at Virginia Tech.   Professor  Roy taught and was disturbed by the writings of  Seung-Hui Cho the murderer at Virginia Tech.  About fifteen years ago I  read poetry at Lucinda’s book launch in London. She was published by my first publishers Bogle L’ouverture.  First time I've seen her since then.

I’m at The Jurys Inn in Cork, Ireland. My room overlooks the River Lee. Last night it was  as dark as guiness and just beneath the glassy surface a group of salmon. Beautiful.  It is a cliché but people are more friendly here in Ireland.  Or maybe that’s me being more receptive when I’m away.  It's raining in Cork today and I've only brought t-shirts as it was so hot in London. 

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