Lemn Balm.

It’s Sunday.  The journalist is off to the Innocentfestival at RegentsPark with her friends. Istay and work on the garden and cook food. I stripped it down, the garden, andI found beneath the underground Lemon Balm, Rocket Lettuce and Mint. How cool is that!  It was an awakening,  the pungent waft of the herbs. Idiscovered them hiding under the  undergrowth. Sometimes it’s the small things,the herbs in the undergrowth. .  

Thejournalists brother is down in Londonwith his girlfriend to go see Tottenham (football) , they’re staying in Islington, so I cook a chicken for him and her andmake some wicked toffee which goes down a storm. The sun is shining hot hothot.  It’s the hottest day in the year sofar.  They are having a great time and Iam tempted but truth is I wanna be at home enjoying a peaceful weekend.   Seems incredibly domesticated doesn’t it,food and garden.  If you took a look atmy life you would understand the significance of these simple things.

The gardenis more or less stripped the sun is dipping lazy and there are long shadows stretching as if getting ready to sleep inside a blanket of night.  I bike it from hackney to Marleybone to do aninterview on BBC London on  a radioprogramme with Dotun Adebayo and Valley Fonatine.  I am a guest with DJ Excalibur.   

But first I'm meeting someone who has become a friend. Joelle is  in Londonwith her friend (apea) for the weekend. They are here from Holland.Joelle has recently found her family in Mauritious.  We met when she shared her story with me, at areading I did in Amsterdam.All three of us go into the BBC.  NormanJay, sauntered out of the studio as his show had just finished.”lemn!”.  We are always cool,  myself and The Jay - we connect on a level. Wecatch up in a quick exchange say goodbye,   I gointo studio with Dotun AdebayoValley Fontane  and DJ Excalibur and theinterview begins.

Theinterview is a fascinating one. So much so that I asked for a copy and I haveit here. It is now on the front page of my web site in the left hadn column  at http://www.lemnsissay.com  . The subject matter for the interview wasRace and the arts. I’d love to hear what you think.    

I flippedout of the studio at about 9.10pm and  Joelle Apea and myself chatted for an hour  at an Italian café on a table in the street. It was very euro chic.  I am a little high because it was such acharged interview.  We turn over the subject matter. Though they were on the other side of the glass of the studio they heard every minute of it. At one point the interviewer just stopped dead, she was soshocked. It was what I believe to be good radio, engaging, informative, imaginative and far reaching.  That’s my kind of weekend too - all of those things.  Did I tellyou that I don’t drink any more. Not a drop. It’s all good.


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