The Guardian of my past

For those who have visited as a result of the Guardian article  apologies for this strange reflection. There’s an interesting article in  Guardan technology today , a  section  called celebrity squares,  about my favourite piece of technology.  Here is one question and answer from the article.

“When was the last time you used it, and what for? I used it just yesterday to describe a visit, 300 miles from home, to a cemetery at the foot of a hill in a village on a road called Lovers Lane, for a boy I knew in the children's home whose parents were from Egypt and who hanged himself at the tender age of 32, and wasbeing buried by his lover.”For those of you who've  read the guardian article the exerpt above talks of the blog entry entitled Lucky Hollow. If you put Lucky Hollow into the search engine on the left hand side of this blog page you will find it.  Hope that’s clear.    For those that have not read the guardian piece, can you guess from that one question above, what my favourite piece of technology is?  It is not SAT NAV. Tell me what you think it is and then,   for those of you who  want to see click here 

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