Containing Myself

I love what I do and I do what I love  though I am not sure what it is that I actually do. I write books of poetry  it seems. The last book I wrote was seven years ago. The second half of my  manuscript of poetry  is due  for Canongate Books this month but will probably go  next month.   I write poetry. The last poem I wrote was a few weeks ago for BBC radio. I write plays. I have just, last night, got off stage at The Hammersmith Lyric for an exploration fifteen minute piece directed deftly by John McGrath. It was paid for by commission by ten theatres around britian and largely by Hammersith Lyric. I suppose I also act cause I acted in it too. I write radio plays. The last  I wrote was  the narration  last week  for a docudrama called The Lost Boys of Africa.

I present  radio documentaries.   On Tuesday I will be meeting a new producer for a documentary we will make for BBC Radio Four and  I read my poetry on stage to public audience too. I have been all over the country this past month reading on stages and atconferences. This following week I shall be reading iat a conference in Kendal and Leeds. 

I'm a writer in residence.  Part of my role as writer in residence at The South Bank is to curate. This month I curated an  event - 24 hour party people - in The Spirit Level at The South Bank.  The event was a resounding success.  I write poetry for public art.  The latest commission is a poem  will be laid into sculpture in The City, Londons financial district. I perform poetry with music. Last week I read on stage of The Purcell Rooms at The South Bank, with jazz musician Byron Wallen.  

My next play is to be published next year.  The  manuscript must be ready next month - it'll be out in March.  I do the occasional interview on television.  I love teaching.  I don’t do too much cause as a visiting writer (in teaching terms)  I never want it to lose its shine. There's been some very special teaching experiences this month. When it stops being special for me I will stop doing it. The teaching I mean.     Today  is the first free day I have had for at least a month. It’s been busy.

These examples are only of what is happening right now.  The future holds many many projects and proposals of work from  organisations and individuals. I wish there was a central place to memorise these developments.  I have a nearly decent filing system  but my workload should have a central point where the details are recorded.  For what?  I saidearly in this article that I wonder what I actually do.  But I  know what I do.   I am a writer and artist who has lived in London now for two years and previously Manchester. 

I perceive myself a very self contained person and yet I  perceive myself  an open person. There is a contradiction here. The bridge between these worlds is, friendsip.  I tell myself I don’t have the  time to commit to friends. I have friends but I do a good  line in avoidance. I wonder what this is about?

So I'll tell you what I am going to do. I am going to call a friend right now and ask her if she wants to come to see a show at The Soho Theatre. I have just called her. She said yes. So now I am going to go do some Christmas shopping on Oxford Street and then the show. I swear that writing this blog has just totally turned my mood around.

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