Jump in the puddle and fall through the Sky

The show I saw last night,  was called An Oak Tree written and performed by Tim Crouch and a guest actor.  It's the first time it has been performed here in England. It was a big hit in New York. I went with Julie who recently Co Starred in Ken Loach's award winning film. We laugh alot.  Our senses of humour click which is always a good thing.  The event was a live recording  for BBC World Drama.

I must go out more  and see shows, drama, dance, literature and music. I could not be in a better place to be stimulated by art - London.  I am so busy speaking that I could easily lose the capacity to listen: so busy projecting my own work that I am not seeing.  My next phase at The South bank, the arts centre where I am based, will include seeing more shows. Note to self.

It's going to be a gorgeous day. There's a grey morning sky and the night rain leaves the streets shiny.  Sometimes I like to look at puddles and only see the reflection.   When I do this the world is infinitely more interesting.  It's as if the puddles are the real world and we are walking in the bits inbetween.  There's a large puddle and it reflects the sky. If I jumped in the puddle would I fall through the sky. There's a childrens poem waiting to be written. 

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