Time Bandits

I got a call early this morning from Benji Reid the number one proponent – alongsideJonzi D - of Hip Hop Theatre in the UK .  He’s a highly talented classically trainedcontemporary artist in Dance. We wrote  a show called B Like Water three years  ago. There’s going to be something else so I’ll follow up when I return to England.  It’s good news.

Noon Los Angeles. The sun has come out for the first time after the pacific storm of the weekend. Met with California State University Head of English Lauri Ramey at a Vietnamese restaurant.  Professor Ramey is aware of Black British Literature on a scale  with anyone I have met in England, more.  Everyone I know, she knows or has worked with. 

There are students at Cal State studying Black British Literature from the time of Windrush to the present day. On a different but connected note altogether, using  the criteria of sole publications or/and recordings there needs to be a Time Chart of Black British Writers.  Someone needs to do it.

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