Who runs my world

I spoke of Virginia Tech m assacre in the previous email.  It's a  a total coincidence that on the world service today I heard Fred D’aguiar’s voice   as a documentary is beingbroadcast about the Virginia Tch masacre where Fred lst a student to the gunman.  he also wrote an article for the Guardian web blog. You can read it here.

I am reading a moving book at the moment. It’s called The Visible world by Mark Slouka.  Watched alot of films recently.  Black Gold is a film about Ethiopian Coffee and how the workers are undermined by the multinationals.

Got me thinking about who runs the world,  governments or multinationals. Is it a side effect of globalisation, that governments become the servants  of  commercial companies? Can global companies effectively  run  governments?  Are multinationals the new aristocracy aping its family structure while promoting an inherent aquisition of land and virtual ownership of the people upon it.


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