Back In the UK

Lots happened this past week since returning from The Arctic which was beautiful,threatening and big, very big.    I’ve been touring  around the country, Manchester, Liverpool, Rochdale, Ilkley and tomorrow Brussels.  It’s different to the Arctic.The tour is to publicise a book of poems of mine out this month.  I’m still discovering what the book actually is.  Aside from the readings some cool things  happened this week.  Got an offer to make a radio documentary on Gil Scott Heron and brought Chuck D to the South Bank for a sell out gig.  I couldn’t be there cause I was in Ilkley, but I heard it was great!.   I’m at homewriting this while The Journalist is at an event called Africa Rising at The Royal Albert Hall.  I am reading on stages around the country on most days  this month.  I'm going to try and keep this blog up to date by finding positive things each day. 

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