The New Statesman of The Southbank Centre

I’ve been swooping into The Southbank centre this past week.  Now that the show  at The Lyric is up and running I can at leastget back.  I’ve been away  but that doesn’t mean  Ihave not been active as Southbank Centre artist in residence, quite theopposite. My book which came out last year and the play which is running attime of writing would not have happened (all over the  past six months) without the residency. In that writing is an internal processmy residency is as much about not being visible as it is about being visible.  

So on Monday I met up with recently engaged Lucy Macnab and I caught up on our various ongoing projects which are going swimmingly. Lastweek I met with Gillian Moore  to discussthe music project which is all going well, part of which shall broadcast Feb 9thon Channel Four at 7.55pm.  And laterthis week or early next week I shall be meeting up with  Rachel and Martin from Literature departmentto catch up. It’s all good. The ImagineChildren’s Literature Festival  looksbrilliant.

And right now while pasting my wall with said projects in The Riverside Rooms as if by osmosis while writing this one of the people from marketing walks in and passes compliments  on an a Q and A i did for The New Statesman which  mentions The Southbank centre.  Here it is



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