What Did I find in the Epic Search for my Family?

I get into Euston Train Station after a three hour journey from Derby, at 1pm and then onto the tube to West London,  the opposite side of London to the East where we live.   I meet  The Journalist and we go for a meal with a house of  Eritreans. It is  Gaiem Kibraeb’s home.  Gaiem is a witty and serious intellectual.  I present Gaiem with my book in which Iquote him. He said  “If , as Marx said, religion is the opiate of the people thenNationalism is the crack cocaine”    Gaiem is a good man.  His wife daughter and son are there and so too his friends Doctor Bereket,  Dawit  and others.  I’m straight into the kitchen to help with preparations. He is family with the journalist which is how I had the pleasure to be here.

This is how to spend a Sunday afternoon,  with people whom are like family,  your ownpeople. Whatever your own people are,  you know them when you find them.   Artists  are my family. Eritreans are my family. Ethiopians are my family.  My foster The list continues on and on and on. It is when you lose them that you know to find them and it is when you find them you know them.  And if life is constant discovery then this finding is revealed on a daily basis. Someone asked me what did I find most affecting in the epic search for my birth family. What I was most affected by was finding what I didn’t realise I was looking for  - myself.  I remember I realised this on a plane returning from ethiopia.

We finish Gaiem’s incredible food and the enjoyable conversation and laughter.  At 7pm  The Journalist and I leave.   I spend from 10pm at home until  midnight fighting and writing script for the documentary on Gil Scott Heron.

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