Fluffy Dice

The thought’s been simmering this past week and it’s reached boiling point .   It could have been triggered by the journalist  in a national newspaper featuring her driving lesson.  I’ve turned into a boy salivating over scalextric  or even earlier, Tonka.  Today’s  car buying day.

I hire a  streetcar and we journey to the largest car showroom in Britain;  Cargiant  in West London.   Sounds like it should be said with alot of echo -  CARGIANT. What my GPS says is an half hour journey from East London actually takes nearly one and an half hours.  ONE AND AN HALF HOURS.  By the time we get there,  via a single traffic jam,  the idea of buying a car is making me wretch.  MAKING ME WRETCH.

Okay, enough with the echoey voices. We arrive at the giant. There’s thousands of them:  Imagine IKEA for Cars. Apparently I cannot get a convertible ‘cause “they are not safe.”   This drives me slightly crazy and an argument ensues.  Then there is the serious consideration of CO2 emmissions .  The journalist finds a website which will tell us how green a car is.   

Apparently Scalextric is no longer a viable present for a child’s Christmas due to the air miles it took the manufacturer to bring it from China and a Tonka Toy is a waste of resources. And  they take up too much space  in the home which could be used for more ethical purposes.  ETHICAL PURPOSES.  

Daytime changes gear to night. And we enter a delirium from the fumes in the warehouses.   The  wind has been  taken from my  sails  (car sales) and what was simmering is simpering. I give up the ghost and we drive home in the streetcar with little intention to buy as much as fluffy dice.

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