19 Raptures

RAPT is the Rehabillitation for Prisoners Trust and tonight they’re launching Rapture 19  a series of writings by artists such as Tracey Emin, Well Self and  Beth Orton  -    19 in all. The subject is addiction.   The event is at The Rochelle school where my friend Whitney McVeigh had her most recent exhibition which only came down a week ago.

I really don’t want to go tonight .  I'm tired.  The journalist my mostest and closest hostess  asked me. She thinks it something I would like. But there’ll be lots of Friends of Bill who'll be there . And I have ignored Bill for  a good while. I haven’tignored his ideas nor practice just meetings. And now I feel guilty nyaaaggghhhh  

Keeping it simple after causing her much phone stress with this I give in I  go.  Apparently she’s already there with work colleagues so I walk in alone.  There’s art on the white walls and sculptures in the bright white  space which I navigate through the launch  chitter chatter.  Within a minute  I see someone I know.  She is beautiful and wise and famous before famous. There are some women who are just that way. Nor is she a friend of Bill. The entire thing  is  filmed by Sky Arts.  

Eventually I find the journalist with her journalist  friends, all whom I like, there’s wine and elderflower water.  Elderflower water is always a treat.    In no time the event begins.  Tracey Emin a contributor and supporter  sits on the floor and looks like a person who says "the art gallery is  another room of my home".  The event is  a reading by Will Self.  Hearing  his  unselfconscious  tones wrap themselves round other peoples connecting syllables is a total treat.     

I'd say there are about one hundred people here. Though I didn’t pay for a ticket I bought a book.   It isn’t a book at all. It’s a set of  leaflets, 19 raptures,   inside one envelope and if you are thinking about buying  it I should tell you now  it’s worth every single penny and more.  

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