Colour Blind - A poem

Colour Blind   By Lemn SissayIf you can see the sepia in the sunShades of grey in fading streetsThe radiating bloodshot in a child’s eyeThe dark stains on her linen sheetsIf you can see oil separate on waterThe turquoise of leaves on treesThe reddened flush of your lover’s cheeksThe violet peace of calmed seasIf you can see the bluest eyeThe purple in petals of the roseThe blue anger, the venom, of the volcanoThe creeping orange of the lava flowsIf you can see the red dust of the famished roadThe white air tight strike of nike’s signthe skin tone of a Lucien FreudThe colours of his frozen subjects in mimeIf you can see the white mist of the oasisThe red, white and blue that you defendedIf you can see it all through the blackest pupilThe colours stretching the rainbow suspendedIf you can see the breached blue duskAnd the caramel curls in  swirls of teaWhy do you say you are colour blind when you see me?

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