100 more words on a spoken word agent for the contemporary poet

There are agents or production companies  for actors, musicians and  speakers but only one that exclusively represents poets on stage in England - Paul Beasley at 57 productions.  So you're in demand and you have no agent.  With newfound “success”  comes isolation from your peers. With less time to write and more time alone,  answering the phone and emailing and "performing",  the need for an agent feels more important than ever.   Here’s an idea that could solve both problems.Five or six poets who earn between £15,000 and £20,000 per year  could employ someone to deal with booking enquiries. The employee  doesn’t  have to be in the same city or even the same country.  It’s all about phone and email efficiency.  Pay them  twenty percent forward all enquiries to them. They raise your fee to account for it.  There you have it. Job done. I could build the model for you if you like, with projections.  It’s not an agent you need at all.  It’s an administrator.  There is a gap  for a company that does this. Call it  The Company of Poets.  Alternatively Apples and Snakes could develop an independent arm that hires out an administrator to poets for their bookings.