Imagine all the people.

As the head teacher said to the burst balloon “you’ve let me down, you’ve let the school down but most of all you’ve let yourself down”.     I blog  about what I do.  I should include my blunders.  Like all major mistakes  it happened at the one place it shouldn’t have. It was a heart stopping shock when I realised what I’d done. I thought the event was in the evening when in fact it was noon.   At 1pm I called the organiser to discuss the evening's event "where were you" she said.   An audience of over six hundred parents and children were  waiting  at Southbank Centre at noon  for  Roger McGough, Jackie Kay and myself.I wasn't there. The fault, the oversight, the downright mistake was mine. If any parent reads this who was at the event who would like me to write to their children then please let me know and I will.    As a result of my role as associate artist with the  Southbank centre Imagine Children’s Festival has a  groundbreaking strand inspired by young people in care and today's event was central to it.  I’m mortified.  I’m so sorry.  I am a burst balloon. I am deflated.