Let There Be Peace

Let There Be PeaceBy Lemn SissayLet there be peaceSo frowns fly away like albatrossAnd skeletons foxtrot from cupboards,So war correspondants become travel show presentersAnd magpies bring back lost property,Children, engagement rings, broken things.Let there be peaceSo storms can go out to sea to beAngry and return to me calm,So the broken can rise up and dance in the hospitals.Let the aged Ethiopian man in the grey block of flatsPeer through his window and see Addis before him,So his thrilled outstretched arms become framesFor his dreams.Let there be peaceLet tears evaporate to form clouds, cleanse themselvesAnd fall into reservoirs of drinking water.Let harsh memories burst into fireworks that meltIn the dark pupils of a child's eyesAnd disappear like shoals of silver darting fish,And let the waves reach the shore with aShhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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