Why This Blog is Called The Emperor's Watchmaker (Part 2 of 2)

The Emperor's Watchmaker is my one and only children’s book. It’s inspired by Ryszard Kapuscinski's The Emperor: Downfall of An Autocrat.   Kapuscinski  transcribes interviews with the workers of the palace as it crumbles from the outside in – The final days of Emperor Haile Selassie.Many Ethiopians believe his  book  untrue and that testimony could not be gathered at that time in  Ethiopian history. But whether you think it fact or fiction it is undeniably an incredible book and it’s where I began my imaginations for the children's book.I imagined  a character in one poem -   the eponymous  Emperor’s Watchmaker - who after making the Emperor’s watch took it on himself to  say  tic toc until the end of time,  just in case the emperor’s watch stopped:  To save time - Tic.   On one level you could think him mad – toc -  finishing his lines -  tic -  with a tic or a toc - toc - and  On the other hand -  tic -  he sees everything – toc. Including the plot – tic.So I titled this blog after him - The Emperor’s Watchmaker.  Stephen Wilkinson summed it  up  when in commenting on the blog he said  “Who watches the watches?  The watchmaker!”. As for  The Children’s book? Writing it  was one of the most  rewarding expeditions of my career. It sits quietly waiting for me to buy it on ebay.   I get a request for the book once a fortnight from somewhere in the world.  The  Emperor’s watchmaker knows what time it is.