"When I left Care They Said I was A Great Survivor". An amendment to Guardian Article

It’s national care leavers week and the article on the guardian’s website deliberately tells my leaving care story without trying to couch it in statistics or theory as to how it could have been done better.    But I made a  mistake in the article. I refered to my first address (after leaving care)  as  21 Chaucer Avenue. It was actually  21 Cowper Avenue.Most of the young people inside wood end  assessment centre were on remand (children waiting for court appearances) for crimes that ranged from murder to burglary. I made history by returning to the assessment centre (after running away) precisely because I wasn't on remand.  I was in care  and by running away to the housing office to convince them to hurry with my case and then returning to Wood End  I was helping the institution to work me through it's darkest crevices.