How Did The Story of Foster Children in Rotherham get into the News?

Approximately £2,000 to £2,400 per month  is what the foster parents  lose now they are no longer housing three children in Rotherham. Could this be an underlying reason for their going to press about the decision to remove the children? . This  a professional dispute by a new professional workforce,  a workforced established by the state for financial reasons more than anything else such as the need for the child to have a stable environment above all else.Rather than go through the channels available to  the foster parents (or their fostering agency) they decided to go to the press. In the best interests of the child?    One wonders how did this suburban couple come to  talk to the press in the first place?  Was it suggested to them by their agency  or did they call UKIP?  Who suggested they embark on this plan of action and was it  for the betterment of the children?