Facebook beats The iron Mountain

Every child in care (above 13)  and leaving care should have their own facebook page. Anonymising children  in the care system is  practised more often than not to protect the institution.  On that subject migrating from a facebook profile to a facebook page turned out to be hard work.   I did it because my profile was full plus a thousand waiting  friend requests. It seems ignorant to ignore them.  That’s the only reason I migrated.  But since the “migration”  I’ve learned that compared to a friendly facebook profile world the facebook  page world  is  the wild west where  “likes” are currency.  You can buy and sell them and steal them even.  I will never do any of that. That’s not who I am.My  Wordpress  blog description reads    “Lemn Sissay blogs openly for  personal reasons”  and I stand by that description. My twitter feed says.  “I write stuff. Stuff that. Stuff that I like.”  And  I stand by that. The  first eighteen years of my life were recorded and filed by the social services in lieu of family.   I made a BBC radio documentary in 2010  to retrieve those files   So blogging as a place of record, as a 21st century fingerprint is all this is, but unlike the social services 18 years of my life will not be lost by a company called The Iron Mountain.