Invisible Kisses

INVISIBLE KISSESwritten by Lemn SissayIf there was ever oneWhom when you were sleepingWould wipe your tearsWhen in dreams you were weeping;Who would offer you timeWhen others demand;Whose love lay more infiniteThan grains of sand.If there was ever oneTo whom you could cry;Who would gather each tearAnd blow it dry;Who would offer helpOn the mountains of time;Who would stop to let each sunsetSoothe the jaded mind.If there was ever oneTo whom when you runWill push back the cloudsSo you are bathed in sun;Who would open armsIf you would fall;Who would show you everythingIf you lost it all.If there was ever oneWho when you achieveWas there before the dreamAnd even then believed;Who would clear the airWhen it’s full of loss;Who would count loveBefore the cost.If there was ever oneWho when you are coldWill summon warm airFor your hands to hold;Who would make peaceIn pouring pain,Make laughter fallIn falling rain.If there was ever oneWho can offer you this and more;Who in keyless roomsCan open doors;Who in open doorsCan see open fieldsAnd in open fieldsSee harvests yield.Then see only my faceIn reflection of these tidesThrough the clear waterBeyond the river side.All I can send is loveIn all that this isA poem and a necklaceOf invisible kisses.