Abuse in Oaklands Childrens Home or Wood End Assessment Centre?

I received a message  that began “I’m shaking as I type all this as I haven't ever discussed with anyone else before.” He wrote his phone number and I called. Immediately. “Do you remember Mr X? ” he said. I did remember Mr X.  He was one of the staff in my children’s home.  I  described his appearance to make sure. We compared dates.  It was the same name  and the right dates  and a corresponding  distinct physical description.  It was him.She continued “Mr X was removed quite quickly from Oaklands and given a desk job at HQ in Wigan where I worked. I saw why  in his personel file. It was my job to file it.   As far as I can remember he was not disciplined, not sacked and not reported to police, just relocated.”.   I asked what was written in the report?   "Mr X was moved from the children’s home for making boys  strip naked and fight."  The memory of seeing the file has  stayed with the caller but the Jimmy Saville enquiry  brought it up again. My own memory of Mr X is through one boy who told me (when I was in the Oaklands) that Mr X  had bent him over his knee and slapped his bare bottom as punishment. This confession is a  clear memory.Oaklands was run by a  small barrel chested beer drinking  man called John Harding, an avid Manchester city supporter. A few years after leaving the care system  his daughter Samantha was imprisoned for bank robbery.  Mr X moved from Woodfields childrens home to oaklands childrens home with Mr Harding in charge of both.  Mr X was, after Oaklands,  posted to  Wood End Assessment Centre (need to check this) which was run with a rod of iron by a notorious ex army man called Mr Mackey. In a previous post a Paul Hindle commented about Wood End Assessment Centre"I was there. was in Homelea first did think I escaped the abuse. Then I got to Woodend got my first kickin 3 hours later. Nose broken 3 ribs and wrist. They didn't bother with a doctor. Just banged me up for three weeks. I was 12 years old"