Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy

5846892-mashoEvery Ethiopian, Eritrean, American and European who has any interest in race, identity, loss, storytelling, psychology, childhood, religion, nationhood, documentary making,  or intercontinental adoption should see Mercy Mercy.   That means you? The director Katrine W. Kjær states  “ I am NOT against adoption." And she isn't against adoption. Kjær continues  "I wish for this film to become a portrait of the world's inequality and absurdity. Furthermore I wish to challenge the western perception of how we aid the third world to better lives."So it isn't a hatchet job? Not at all says  Kjær   "I have observed people who acted with the noblest of intentions, but all subsequently became wrapped up in an industry fueled by trauma. My intention was never to expose these people, but rather to understand their struggle.”   More truthfully Kjær's intention not to expose them is what was needed for  them to  expose themselves. It is observational documentary and yet participatory.  An informative description of the background to the film is here. The photo above is Masho the child and  the director KATRINE W. KJÆR. Thee full 90 minute documentary  The film was published on Feb 25, 2013. The film is below. Tell me what you think cause  I would love to know. It is the most revealing documentary on inter continental adoption that I have ever seen.[embed][/embed]