Dear Mr Hare

Dear Mr Hare.  I know the short lived problem of yellowing  no longer applies to Jerry Lee Shoes due to change of leather but still I must share with you.  At seventeen I went  barefoot for a year in Lancashire.  "Bet you can't do that in the snow" was all anyone could say.   I waited and I did step barefoot in the snow and learned a lesson for life.  It’s been a long walk from those barefoot days in Lancashire to the soul of your footwear. Mgerry_lee_black_whitey first and only  pair of  MR Hare  are your glorious Jerry Lee’s. I bought them last July and walked tall.  They feel like a woman’s sliding her hand around each foot at each step.I love them so much I haven’t worn them. Why keep what you love in a box.  A fashion head once said  “darling why not dress your best all the time”. She’s right so I opened the box yesterday on World Book Night  (think the  briefcase scene in Pulp Fiction)   then I slid the white cloth from Jerry and Lee but here the tale takes a twist:  a  conspicuous yellow line has appeared in front of the broguing.  So I quickly open the search engine and  find the fine stitching of  your words  “Some of you Dandies are not the most romantic people, but I listened and I acted. The new Jerry Lee is made entirely from chrome tanned, colour stable calf leather. This means the shoe you bought in the store will be the same shoe you find in the box, every time you rock them.”I love a bit of truth at the heart of a product - a pearl aglet.  It’s like finding the anis seed in the middle ofIMG_5143 an aniseed gob stopper.  I have love for you Mr Hare.   I don’t know what to do. Do I bring them back to you or do I stay "romantic" and keep them?   The first time I wear them will be this week. They're something perfectly flawed like me?Open declaration: Shoes bought in sample sale for £250. Sale price is £450.  Anyone in fashion knows  a sample sale is "sold on sight".   Also The short lived problem of yellowing  no longer applies to Jerry Lee Shoes. So should I remove this blog?