New shoes deserve a new exhibition and a party.

I've cycled to bermondsey and in a little park on the aptly named Leathermarket Jerry and Lee finally get their way and I get mine. Now they need to step out and walk good. Jerry loves the White Cube and so do Lee. We all hang out for The Journalist for  Hannah Pool for the opening night of Julie Mehretu's exhibition. Her paintings sell at three million and she's Ethiopian American.        The only photograph we could sneak at White Cube. Jerry and Lee are happy. They expect to be stepping in the right shoes. Bit of tautology for you there. Ride on.    IMG_5194IMG_5214New shoes deserve a new exhibition and a new and exclusive party. This is a White Cube secret party for Julie Mehretu at the secret garden in Shoreditch House.  It's important to keep your feet on the ground. These feet are not on the ground - they hover and loiter with intent. They have a mind of their own and I think they're hitting on my girl. Jerry Lee is hitting on my girlfriendI cycle back to Clapton. The party at Shoreditch House is heating up. Back at The Deli Hussain blesses Jerry Lee and my day is done. Now I can wear my jerry lee shoes anytime and any freaking place cause the christening is where it's at!