"Historic" abuse. What would you advise?

I received this message today on my blog about Oaklands Children's Home. In light of the recent revelations in Wales should he take the case further and if so how? What would you advise? Your response will be  greatly appreciated."Since the growing evidence of historic child abuse in residential homes becomes apparent, I feel a need to contribute in some way. I too was abused in a children's home, Oaklands in Droitwich near Worcester. until I was adopted at age seven. this abuse lasted for a few years from I suppose as far back as i can remember, age 4 I expect, until about age 6 or 7. A few years ago I got involved in a documentary with the BBC as i was trying to trace my natural mother. I had been abandoned at age approx 3 weeks. Its very odd, the BBC had contacted some ex staff members who agreed to meet me. One of them said to me, "What are you going to say about the home? Your not going to say anything bad about it are you? About what happened?" At the time i was taken aback, here was someone who knew. I just said no, nothing like that, it's just a chat about the home. The strangest thing is, I never remIn care at Christmasembered any party, or birthday, or Christmas. I did remember what was done though. It's affected me more than anyone could imagine, even myself. Very sad. I do ponder if  I should report it, to see if others need help, to see an end to this, to make sure children are given the love and care they need, not just a place to be because no-one wants them and the state has a duty of care. People working in these environments need the right values at heart. Well, I said more than I meant! Just wanted to mention it."The message can be found  in the comments on a blog. The term "Historic abuse" is a misnomer.   Abuse is in the cause and effect of an action.   To say "Historic abuse" is to presume both cause and effect are in the past.