Welcome Home Lemn: Ethiopia National Theatre

Outside Ethiopia's National Theatre in Addis Ababa with Bewketu and Ephrem .IMG_5508Inside tP1030728he stage is set for one of the most important  events of my lifetime.It is a similar Theatre  to The Royal Festival Hall in London. High up in the centre you can see an empty stall.  It is where The Emperor Haile Selassie sat. The audience pours in.The event is about to begin.P1030743The reading  starts with the podium and ends with a standing ovation.  "Welcome Home Lemn" someone shouts.P1030780P1030799 P1030800The  books sell out.  One is signed to a man named Halleluljah.P1030855 P1030857 P1030859IMG_5523 (1)We are beautiful people.  The After show party thrown by The British Council is world class.P1030877P1030877 P1030875 P1030871And a cake that says in words  "Welcome Home Lemn".   The boy in the picture below asked if I'd sign a piece of paper as I wrote he whispered  "I want to be an author."P1030882 P1030888 P1030890The  woman on the left is Hannah Azieb Pool.  She's mine. I'm hers. And the woman on the right is the brilliant MC of the whole evening.  I've more to say and show but that's it for now.P1030896    

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