Is the care system a cancer nursery for developing underage addicts?

the-smoking-effect-lPicture  parents hanging outside  school gates. Their children are having a quick smoke  before class. This is what happens to a child in care.  Smoking kills but for them the message is clear   some lives are  more valuable than others.  The legal age to buy cigarettes is 18. We know that  6 percent of Briish children aged  11 – 15 smoke but how does this compare  with 11 – 15 year old people in care of the state?  Surely it must be less.  Surely there must be statistics?I can proudly say I'm a non smoker.  I became addicted in the children’s homes. They were  cancer nurseries for developing underage addicts. I've spent nearly thirty years fighting a losing battle against the addiction.  At last I've won.  It's no big deal until I look back.  Nobody  encourages their child to smoke.  Why would  the state do that to me (and many other children in their care. Is there  an institutionalised unquestioned unspoken narrative about our lack of worth?  Why would they leave so many of us with a  death wish?  Why has nobody investigated the nature of addiction in the care system?smoking-kills-speed-l