Golly Blogging headlines the Shetland Times

IMG_9535Today the story broke in The Shetland Times . The headline reads "Shop owner considers closing after critisism for selling gollywog dolls”.  I read poetry at Wordplay Festival in Shetland Island.  It’s a most beautiful  area of Britain.  On an early walk  I came across a gang of gollywogs in a  shop window.    The shop is called The Magpies Nest.   The next day I went in,  met the shopkeeper and bought one.When in greatest need the written word is my shield and when in even   greater need it is my sword. I wrote about The Magpies Nest, its golllywogs and of my encounter.   Today the story broke on Shetland Island and the headline reads " Shop owner considers closing after critisism for selling gollywog dolls". IMG_9487No need to close the shop.  Ex Shetland resident Samantha Jack says "Even the queen had them taken out of the Sandringham shop and the royals aren't exactly known for their anti-racist activism!".  Mrs Leask  - the shopkeeper of Magpies Nest -  could be like the queen. She doesn't need to close the shop. Anti racism is an open house.