To MBE or not MBE.

This  Wednesday night I’ll be  on stage at Sadller's Wells  to talk on why I  accepted my OBE as pictured below.  The discussion is held  after a show called The Letter  by  Jonzi D about how he declined his.  I’ll be sat alongside Omar Lye-Fook. He'll  also  discuss why he accepted.  The alternate view will be represented by  Benjamin Zephaniah who like Jonzi  declined his award.  The mediator  is broadcaster and journalist Brenda Emmanus.I drove through the iconic gates at Buckingham Palace to receive my medal  from the queen of England.  What do you think?  Should I have accepted?  I'll  read out the most insightful comment on stage. At 4pm Monday 14th Oct you and I are informed this event is CANCELLED due to injury.  The questions remain.37658_10150218863595650_6970384_n