Reconciliation. Truth. South Africa. Lies.

In South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission  proponents of apartheid were absolved if they admitted their crimes. Murder, rape, torture, child abuse. The “Perpetrators of violence could  give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution”. Apartheid lasted over fifty years. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee was done in two.Meanwhile here in Europe they are still tracking down and charging "war criminals" for similar  crimes committed over fifty years ago. These European war criminals  are  offered no option to "give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution”.  If Mandela was so right should the British and Americans allow German war criminals  to admit  atrocities then  let them go?Does the truth and reconciliation commission rid the proponents of apartheid and  it’s beneficiaries,  their well educated children,  of responsibility for crimes committed?  Is that what it was for?   Where is justice for the  majority of Black (and white)  Africans . Why have the British  not applied Truth and Reconciliation Commission  to Iraq or is it one rule for   England and America and Truth and reconciliation for everyone else?   I am one man looking for an answer. What is the truth and reconciliation commission  for?Is the truth and reconcilation commission in place   to stop a potential  bloodbath? That's what we were told around the world.  And yet where is the  evidence?  Other African revolutionaries  did not end apartheid colonialism in a bloodbath.  South Africans on the oppressed side of apartheid proved themselves more than dignified  long before  it was shut down.  So the question in my mind remains what and whom was the Truth and Reconciliation commission for?