May I tell you a story?

image_6This is exactly what a young female friend of mine  said to me @shoreditchhouse  a few days ago.   "I was in the foothills of Himilayas, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. Living in a cave was a nun who was from Ireland, but had been living in Himalayas for 11 years. I went to the cave to see her, but once I got there she was meditating. So, as not to disturb, I sat next to her and meditated too for about half an hour.When I  got up to leave  she turned to speak to me.   This is what she said: There's a story about two monks whom live in the Himalayan mountains and meditate in the caves, treading the path to enlightenment. One day on their walk back from collecting water, they came across a woman who had fallen and hit her head on the ground of the mountain passage. The monks looked at one another.image_1One of the monks picked up the woman and carried her to the nearby village, where she was eventually nursed back to health. When the monk got back to the cave, he found the other monk waiting. The waiting monk said to his friend, "how could you pick up that woman... It's not allowed." The other monk replied, "Friend, I put her down hours ago. You're still carrying her around."The woman who told me this story is Bobbi.   She was also a photographer for Tibetan Post in Northern India for Dalai Lama teachings and so  got to meet Dalai Lama too. These are her pictures.image_5 

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