Keeping The House in Order: From Fact to Fiction #BBCF2F

Just before sleeping at 12.05am Monday  I receive a text from a Leeto Thale   “There’s a South Africa themed  week of shows at The Royal Court”. After sleep later this  same Monday morning at 9.30am I Cycle to BBC in central London. I  Spend the day in meetings and reading researching news.  Nandita the producer explains:   "From Fact to Fiction  will be written by you then recorded by actors  this  Friday"  and broadcast 7pm on Saturday 17th and 5.40pm on Sunday on  BBC radio Four. The clock is  ticking.  I'm supported by meticulous  Marie Helly the commissioning Editor of  The World Tonight   By the end of the day I've got it.  I will take from fact to fiction the story of  Pistorius's maid. It's 5pm.An  hour later I'm at  The Royal Court Theatre but the reading is sold out. I'm ticketless.   A woman walks by.   “I love your work” she says.  She's an  the actress in the play tonight.   She offers to  take me backstage to Napo, the writer for the evening’s play,  and I know Napo Masheane!  Last time we met we broke bread in Johannesburg.  I get a golden ticket. ta Daaaa.  I'm so grateful  to her, to The Royal Court, to the actress who got me a ticket, to Leeto .  I sit with Leetho  and  the most experienced arts producer in her field - Gill Lloyd.