[embed][/embed]10438533_327842540697310_2730319804033542620_nPlay video above while reading. Here are some reasons from the past ten days with the most heartfelt  at the end.  Ten days ago I made a request on facebook in search of an artist.  I  found Charlotte who is now assistant to my exhibition “Superman Was a foundling” at The Foundling Museum. As we speak Charlotte is painting in the exhibition space. The photo on the right is the beginning.It was my birthday on 21st May.   I was in Northern Ireland. It can be a difficult time for any of us. Thank you for the flood of affection and love.  I  received kind and heartfelt messages on facebook and twitter from friends and strangers alike. You made a heck of a difference to me. Below is the video of what I did on  the day.  In the evening I took myself to see  The Amazing Spiderman. It's about him as a foster child.  It also features "Roosevelt Island". That's where my birth mother  lives. What are the odds on that cropping up in a film on my birthday?[embed][/embed]Yesterday I made this specific request via facebook “Are you or a friend having a baby in Sept/Oct/Nov? I want to hear your story for an original BBC Radio 3 programme on pregnancy?”. I’ve received interested replies. Still need more.  Whether or not they decide to take part I am moved by the interest via facebook and twitter.Thanks to twitter next Sunday I’ll be at Stoke Newington Literary festival speaking with Radio Four's  The Kitchen Cabinet's  Rachel McCormack. at her GastroSalon. I met Rachel on twitter. We’ve never met in person. And thanks to the  subscriber of this blog. It has no rhyme or reason. It  follows my life in whichever way it wants to. Thanks for your support.IMG_6820In my personal life it’s been a difficult year. I am the cause of it and I am the solution so I'm not fishing for pity but it's been difficult all the same.  I am writing this blog to say thankyou. The mediums of facebook and twitter are uniquely situated somewhere between personal and professional, somewhere between bombastic and intimate, somewhere between distant and incredibly close. Like you like me

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