Let There Be Peace and Landmark Poetics in 2014

photo(3)Today hunting packs of drones  stalk  the skies.  Against a backdrop of World War One commemoration and present-day conflict around   the world, my poem "Let There Be Peace"  will be prominently displayed on the walls of one  of Yorkshire’s most iconic university buildings forever. It will be launched on October 3rd at 11.15am at University of Huddersfield.  I'll be there. .My  ambition is to cropped Lemn and Chancellor of The University of Huddersfield Patrick Stewarthave this peace poem tattooed into the skin of the world. It is #LandmarkPoetics.    It is already displayed in a small but growing number of locations. The space chosen for the poem at the University of Huddersfield is passed daily by thousands   of students – including hundreds from overseas. The Chancellor of the university is Sir Patrick Stewart but it's thanks to  Vice-Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, Professor Bob Cryan, CBE.   Over thirty years  Yorkshire has played a crucial role in my development.  Let There Be Peace broadcasts into the sky and to us.   Language is crucial.  I hear the words "air strike" but air does not strike. "Air Strike"  does not describe the bombs that tear open human flesh. Some people say "actions speak louder than words" but they use words to say it.   Let There be Peace.