I need your help.

IMG_2323Asking for help is a big deal for me. I used to think it  was a sign of weakness. Now I realise it's a sign of strength and development. If you can't ask for help you can't grow.So help me please. With a few people I’m putting on a Christmas Dinner in Hackney  for Care Leavers on Chrsitmas Day.  You can find out all about us - The Christmas Dinner Team -   via our crowdfunding site. With only 14 days left we need a further £1,358 to reach the target But that's not actually why I need your help.I need VOLUNTEERS . We have the venue, the food, the chef... Now we need volunteers on Christmas Day and Eve. We need people to be cloakroom attendants, food servers, someone to look after the film room, karaoke attendant. Click here for the volunteer form. All the details or on it. Fill it in and send it. Someone  will get straight back to you.  Deadline - December 7th.I need Referrals: There are 70 places for care leavers (free) and we're working on a first come first serve basis. It's starting to fill. Do you know someone who is a care leaver between 16 and 25 with connection to the east of London?  Or do you know an organisation who work with care leavers?   Maybe it’s you? Here is  The Christmas Dinner - Referral Form 2014. Fill it in and email  it. The address is in the form.  Any questions about this then please ask them via the address on the form and someone from the team will get back to you. Information about the Dinner is on the form too. Deadline - December 7th.I need presents: We need presents for care leavers. Do you know a company who would give presents?  Tickets to the cinema, ipods, tickets to concerts, free hairdressing, clothes?   We can provide a charity to accept the presents on our behalf. Nothing second hand. Do you have ideas about who we might approach? Do you know someone yourself?  Would you approach them?  Also we need someone to help with this process. Interested? Message me in the comments below.Last year we did this in Manchester and it was beautiful. See video below.   But in Hackney it's our first time. The dedicated team of individuals in Hackney are working to their utmost. I need your help. We need your help. We are not an organistion. We are a group of professionals who have come together in a personal capacity to make a difference.Christmas Day. This day of all  deserves to be special for the young care leaver. We really and honestly can't do this alone. We can't do it without a thousand moments of kindness from others.  The smallest action can make the greatest difference.   Cheers for reading thus far.  Best Wishes for this Christmas from me -from all of us care leavers and The Chrsitmas Dinner team in hackney.   Our next meeting is 9th December.[embed]http://youtu.be/1vOhSpkcYcM[/embed]  We need help.