The Wonder of Caroline Bird.

At 10pm on November 28th my television documentary "Superkids: Beaking Away From Care" will be broadcast on Channel Four  Television. I hope you get chance to see it. I am more proud of this documentary than any television I've ever made.There's somethng you won't know by watching it.  Most of the poems by the young people in the film were the result of workshops devised and delivered by Caroline Bird. Her process is as inspiring as the results are breath-taking.I have asked Caroline to work with me on many occasions with young people incare and she has always delivered above and beyond.In  2012 we worked with young people in care in West London. We  alternated in a series of workshops  with a group of care leavers.  At the end Caroline asked them if she could send  poems by the young people (from her workshops)   into public competitions.The poems won in a national and international prize and led one young person, Tariq,  to be awarded his prize by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall  at The Victoria Theatre in Central London.Caroline is an award winning writer and an extraordinary teacher of poetry.  Everything about who she is and her   work can be seen in her face  as she listens to  one of the young people in in Superkids."Superkids: Breaking away from care" does include some results of work led by yours truly but the majority of the poems that reached the final edit were inspired in the workshops delivered by the wonder that is Caroline Bird. When I was asked to make this documentary there was one person I wanted beside me in the workshops: Caroline Bird.If you are looking for help, advice or information and you are in care or have left care  all the information you need is at an organisation called  BECOME.