When a building becomes a book of my morning tweets.

The award winning arts centre Storyhouse  is  the canvas for my morning tweets.  They are  tatooed onto the skin of the building.  "Lemn Sissay, artist in residence for this year’s Chester Literature Festival, has transformed Storyhouse into a poetry book." Here are  some photographs but there are many more monring tweets throughout. You must visit to see them all.  Storyhouse is in the historic city of Chester.  Reading the first one at the entrance is virtually impossible.

It won't make sense unless you look up on your way out. 

Let's go inside but before we do I want to share something.  You may or may not know that I attempt an original poem/tweet/thing   every morning. I am fully aware that sometimes they don't work. But sometimes they do. And I try my best and people do read them all over the world.

Sometimes they are magical.  Sometimes they are not.  But I make the attempt.  It's difficult to capture the scale of the building or the beauty of it.

When I see them together I feel how happy they are to have found their physical  place after flying through the digital one.

I hope that moments are remembered through being near one of the poems.

Quiet moments.

Loud moments

Ascending and descending moments.

All I have is words

But to see them like this, (They are as  happy to be ignored as  read as am I),

Fills me with pride and joy.  Many people on facebook and twitter have read them over the years and I'd like, here, to thankyou. 

Thanks most of all to the great staff and artistic director at Storyhouse.

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