On Social Workers

Sarah Lancashire  as Miriam Grayson in TV drama series  Kiri written by jack Thorne.  Her Dog represented her own needs.  

Shouldn't our government and the well being of society be assessed above all by how it treats its child, the child in its care?  If the answer is yes then it stands to reason  that social workers should be the highest paid workers  in local government. 

He/she/they   are looking after the greatest asset of society - the next generation -   at their greatest time of need.  This may be difficult to read for those like me who have had hard experiences in care but it's  possible to change the narrative and to see more clearly.  

Social workers walk into burning homes to save traumatised children. Social workers come face toface with adults whom they know are lying. Social Workers are on the frontline of  the emotionally distraught. Social workers are here to protect the family and that includes its children.  

Sarah Lancashire starring in Kiri written by Jack Thorne a tv series based on the drama of a social worker pushed to her limits. 

Social workers  are detectives charged with protecting families from self harming.  The weakest is harmed first. Social workers know more than they can tell. They see unspeakable things and hear untellable horrors.  They are guardians.  They are a force for good. They are healers.  And they are hated because they see us at our worst.

And so it stands to reason that social workers get  the same prejudice from society as young people in care. They need our support.  They need our compassioante critique.   I uderstand they have to carry policies they may not agree with. I understand most of all that I couldn't do what they do. And, for all our well being,  someone has to. 

Sarah Lancashire in Kiri written by Jack Thorne. Kiri is  the first TV Drama Series (in the history of British Television)  starring a social worker.  

It is a noble profession. I know.  I see the students in my university and universities throughout the country. I  meet the social workers throughout the UK. When I speak about my experiences it is often not the social workers fault. it is the system they are in.  They are doing the best they can regardless of the pressure they are under.  This is heroic! 

And if we don't support them with respect and compassionate critique how can the system change.  It is an exciting time to be a social worker.  Changes are afoot.  It has taken a lot for me to do what I do.  But I know it would take more strength, more inner resolve, more emotinal intelligence, to be a social worker.  I salute them.

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