A list of incredible UK people who were fostered adopted or in children's homes

From top comedians to best selling authors and from  an NHS manager to a Kiss FM presenter  I have compiled this small  list of 100 people from the UK who were fostered adopted or in children’s homes. I have met most of them on my travels. They are all  incredibe people listed in no particular order. Click on their links to find out more.


  Lord Andrew Adonis House of Lords Sally Bayley   Novelist  Keith Saha   writer and artistic director of 20 stories High  Richard McCann     Speaker and trainer and author   Pete Turner  bass player in Elbow Paul Cookson  Childrens Author,   Jamie Baulch   Gold winner Athlete and TV presenterMike Timms  CEO of MTN-Ltd  Rosie Canning    Author.  Ryan Smith  Chef,  Lisa-marie Qualified pastry chef ,  Jon Moss   Culture Club,    Lisa Cherry  Author and speaker  Barry K Sharp   Founder of Duffer St George musician & author   Jenny Molloy  Times bestselling Author,    Terry Jones  Founder of ID magazine  ,   Chris Wild  Actor   Lenox Cato Antiques road show presenter  Ashley John Baptiste  TV presenter & producer  Subrina Kidd  hair stylist to the star  Olivier Rousteing  World class Designer. France,


Debby Harry  Singer  Alex Wheatle  Author,  Paolo Hewitt Author Seal  Singer,   Shonagh Woodburn-Hall  Actor, Fatima Whitbread  Sportswoman  Jayne Casey  artistic director  Tony Morris  TV presenter Nicky Campbell   TV presenterBruce Oldfield Couture,  David Akinsanya   TV presenter and  advocate  Louise Wallwein MBE   Writer and performer  Sophie Willen  Comedian Lemn Sissay   Chancellor of University of Manchester  Baz Bamigboye   Columnist and entertainments writer   Pandora  Kiss FM presenter   Kerry Hudson Author   Vashti Kincaid Smih  Cambrige University undergrad and novelist   Paul Sams    Archeologist, Heritage manager...


This list is unique and made over some years.  Some of the names you will know but not all of them. Please share and link to this list.